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Artist Statement:
When I look back it’s clear to me now that the seeds of this project were sown a long time ago. It wasn’t until I stood on Antarctica that they took root, though, and the inspiration for this project was born.

Walt Whitman said “The sun and stars that float in the open air. The apple sloped earth and we upon it, surely the drift of them is something grand.”

That’s how it felt to be surrounded by open air, ice and penguins. I began shooting with the widest lens I had to convey the massive scale of my surroundings.

Inspired by my experience on Antarctica I wondered if I could emulate that feeling at home. We look down so often and walk, bowed and hurried, often deep in thought or on our phone.

What do you see when you look toward the horizon nearest you? What's at the edge of your sky?

Fine Art Prints

Limited edition of 30. Limited edition prints are made on a fine art paper that was developed to meet gallery and museum longevity requirements. A 4-ply 100 percent rag archival museum board is recommended for matting.

Fine art prints are made to order. Please allow approximately three weeks for printing and shipping.

The print is signed and numbered on the back. The paper size is 0.5-1'' larger all around the image. Dimensions listed refer to the actual image size (not the paper size).

Certificate of authenticity included.
Evening UnfoldingSunkissedTwilightSetting SunFogged InSilver SeaTwilight at the BeachPenguin PartyTranquilityAlcatraz IslandFerris Wheel AbstractionMillenium BridgeLondon BridgeBlue SkiesRooftopsGolden LightWhere the Sky Meets the SeaIrawaddy Sunset