Artist Bio
Cindy A Stephens is a marketing executive and a fine art photographer, specializing in photography of main streets and back roads often using unusual framing and multiple planes of perspective.

Cindy’s work has been exhibited in group shows across New England including the Brush Art Gallery, Cambridge Art Association, Danforth Museum of Art, and Galatea Fine Arts. In 2010, she was one of 12 artists selected for Exposure, the 15th annual PRC Juried Exhibition. Her work has also been featured in the four-artist show, Connections, at the Maine Media Gallery. In addition, her work is held in the permanent art collection of the Bernardi Auto Group.

Cindy developed a series for the PRC blog, Marketing Conversations for Photographers, presenting constructive tips for artists on improving their success working in the world of art, commerce, or both. 

Artist Statement

As an artist I am influenced by my passion for discovery and love of travel.  My work reflects my "take the road less traveled" philosophy and Capra-esque outlook.  Exploring the natural environment and our place in it, as well as global culture, capture my interest.  On American main streets I often look for vintage items from a different period, juxtaposing a portrayal of Americana from the mid-century 1900s with everyday life today.  I tend to use other juxtapositions too in my collections such as mixing landscapes with human elements.