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Boating season is here. I find myself drawn to taking photographs that involve water, which are often accompanied by boats.  I've curated several of my boat photographs that involve strong patterns/textures, colors, and bold compositions.  


Sandals at Sea in a Multi-Colored Boat

Sandals at Sea in a Multicolored Boat


 These pictures of boats conjure carefree lifestyles and hint at a sense of adventure.


Italian Boatscape

Italian Boatscape


Speaking of adventure, each of these photographs was taken in a very different part of the world.  Can you guess where each was taken?  Hint: They span four different continents!




Shipwrecked (Prints available on request)


This last boat picture is one of my personal favorites, in part, because it brings back memories of a very special place.  Although it seems like a black and white photograph it is actually a color photo.  If you look closely you'll see numerous shades of white, grays and browns.


These photographs are available in limited edition prints that are made to order and then individually signed and numbered.  In contrast to wall decor/wall art that is available in local home goods stores, each print is made on a fine art paper for a very high-quality presentation.



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