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October 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

Dear readers, I am writing today with some exciting news: I now have a store at Zatista featuring a new collection of original photography!


If you've been following my blog you know that I've written many times about selling art online.


Blog Archive: Building an Art Business: Is selling online right for you?


It seems natural to me that I would choose to offer my photography for sale online.  After all, I've been a digital marketer for many years.  I enjoy reaching people outside New England with my photography and making it available to many more households than I would if it were offered solely in traditional galleries.






New Collection

When I look back it is clear to me now that the seeds of my new collection were sown a long time ago. It wasn't until I stood on Antarctica that they took root, though, and the inspiration for this collection was born.


Irawaddy Sunset Sunset over the the Irrawaddy River in Mynamar is punctuated by the gold spires of stupas.

Copyright 2015, Cindy A Stephens


Walt Whitman said "The sun and stars that float in the open air. The apple shaped earth and we upon it, surely the drift of them is something grand."

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That's how it felt to be surrounded by open air, ice, sea and penguins. I began shooting using the widest lens I had to convey the massive scale of my surroundings.

Inspired by my experience on Antarctica I wondered if I could emulate that feeling and those types of images at home. We look down so often and walk bowed and hurried deep in thought or on the phone.

What do you see when you look toward the horizon nearest you?  What's at the edge of your sky?

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