How to write an artist statement [webinar preview]

April 28, 2014  •  3 Comments

Last year I interviewed Aline Smithson about describing yourself and your work.  It is my most popular blog.  


The idea that our work doesn't always speak for itself is a hotly debated topic.  As a full-time marketer who visually and verbally communicates my company's story, I believe that written descriptions of our artistic intentions compliment our art.


I recently recorded a 30-minute webinar for the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston on writing an effective artist statement.


Click on the red play button below to listen to a short 2-minute podcast and get a sneak peak at the webinar.



Note: This podcast has been re-recorded since the blog was originally published, to correct a factual error.


Click here for the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston webinar library where you can view the pre-recorded 30-minute webinar in its entirety for $10 (free for members).


Pre-recorded 30-minute Webinar: Writing an effective artist statement

Do you think that your art speaks for itself?  As visual artists we are comfortable sharing stories through images. Buyers are not visual artists and often want to know why we created work.  Artist statements are used to bridge the gap between our creative intentions and the audience of our work.


In the webinar you'll learn about using written descriptions of your work as one element of your artistic brand; the do's and don'ts of writing artist statements; and the difference between an artist statement and a bio.  You'll also come away with examples of statements and bios as well as a list of resources.



Ishan Goel(non-registered)
In my view an artist statement is the statement which makes the artist stand unique from the other artists and his or her artwork is different and good.
Pallavi Malhotra(non-registered)
An artist statement is an important part of a good portfolio. Gallery holders respect the professionalism of a good statement.
Neha Gupta(non-registered)
A perfect artist statement will make you stand out from the crowd and will show people that you are an attentive and careful artist. Writing statement is the difficult process, but it is also an enormously valuable exercise as it can help you to achieve a greater understanding of yourself as an artist.
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