Photographing a Summer Evening in Downtown Nashua NH

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What do you do on Friday evenings in summer?  On a recent Friday I recalled my photography coach and mentor telling me "You should get out and photograph at different times of day.  Many of the images you have are in bright sunshine."


In spite of my tiredness after the workweek, and with this advice echoing softly in my head, I drove to Nashua, NH with my photo gear in search of great light to add some depth to my portfolio.


Copyright 2012 Cindy A Stephens


Nashua is the second largest city in New Hampshire.  It was ranked among Money's list of America's best small cities in 2010.  Within the downtown district you can find eclectic shops ranging from a store selling old fashioned candy to one selling pianos.  You'll also see stroll past a cigar shop and a tattoo parlor.


Downtown Nashua gave me a great palette to work from.  And the angle of the light added nuance.  There is something wonderful about the quality of light on a summer evening.  It exudes warmth that bathes even the most mundane of scenes in softness. 


When I arrived in Nashua I found couples out for a stroll, sitting arm-in-arm on benches, and enjoying dinner at tables spilling from restaurants onto the street like strewn marbles.

Copyright 2012 Cindy A Stephens


When I found an outdoor seating area near a home medical supply storefront I knew that I had discovered something worth spending time with (again, my mentor's voice echoed about not moving too fast: "find something you want to shoot at least 50 pictures of".


I tried to juxtapose the diners with the town's need for special shoes, canes and other aides for the infirm or elderly.  It served as an all-too-frequent reminder of making the most of what we have, NOW.


I walked up the street a bit farther, contemplating whether it was time to head home.  As I rounded the corner I saw the most wonderful reflection of a building steeple in a multi paned window.  I probably took another 50 images in this spot too.


Satisfied, I finally headed home.  Despite my tiredness I thoroughly enjoyed the outing and added some interesting perspective to my Reflections from Main Street, USA portfolio.


Until the next journey. -- Cindy


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